Monday, 17 July 2017

Booking at The Bridge

The new model of Herod's Temple and accompanying big screen presentation are booked to be displayed at The Bridge Fellowship in north London, for 15-17 December, the weekend just before Christmas this year.

Details will be available from The Bridge website in due course. No tickets necessary, but it may be advisable to check visitor arrangements in advance.

Meanwhile, finishing touches are being made to the model with the addition of the inner ring of porches which marked the extent of the outer limits of Solomon's Temple.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Leaflets Available

Leaflets introducing the new Herod's Temple model are now available, together with booking details for church groups wishing to display the model. Additional exhibits are available for venues which can host school groups (KS2).

By prior arrangement the model can be viewed by groups of a dozen or more in the Education Room at Moggerhanger Park House near Bedford.

Please visit for further information.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Lighting up time

Various lighting systems are used to illuminate the sanctuary and inner courts of the model temple. To create the effect of burning oil lamps, flickering warm-white LED bulbs were fitted, resulting in a subdued night-time scene. To produce the much brighter daylight appearance, ribbons of LEDs were fixed in recessed areas, out of the direct line of sight of viewers.

In the four tall lampstands tiny LEDs from a model railway supplier were used, supplied pre-wired. The fine insulated wires were sandwiched between two 3D-printed shapes which form each four-branched menorah. The fa├žade of the sanctuary is floodlit by a single LED mounted above and behind the central bronze Nikanor Gate.

These lighting settings are one of the main features of this model. As well as enhancing the overall panorama, they allow the guide to highlight individual areas as they are being described. So that all these lighting effects are maximised, the model is usually displayed surrounded by high black drapes. This backdrop also enhances the lifelike smoking-fire effect on the altar.

Below: Early stages of installing the ribbon of LEDs to produce the daytime lighting appearance.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

St Albans Presentation

The new model of Herod's Temple was displayed at Marshalswick Baptist Free Church in St Albans on Wednesday 22 February 2017. Approximately 70 people attended including 20 overseas students living nearby.

The event included a guided tour of the model, followed by an hour-long talk illustrated on a 14ft wide projection screen, introducing all four Jerusalem temples mentioned in the Bible.

The model's new audio system was installed just hours before visitors arrived, so they were able to listen to sound effects and several of the languages which would have been spoken within the courts of the temple.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

The King's Lodge hosts Herod's Temple

Hundreds of visitors attended YWAM's "Winter Wonderland" weekend event near Nuneaton this December. Its main feature was a lifelike walk-through representation of Narnia, complete with wardrobe entrance and an impressive full-sized figure of Aslan.

Many of these visitors found time to watch the "Emmaus Road Show's" 3D HD video which traces the life of Jesus from Nazareth to Jerusalem, all filmed on location in Israel. A life-changing experience for some.

Also on display was the roadshow's new model of Herod's Temple - wide enough for 12 people to stand in front of it. With the Nativity in mind at this time of year, visitors discovered where Zechariah encountered the Angel Gabriel, and where Mary and Joseph met with Simeon and Anna soon after Jesus was born.

It was the model of the adjacent Fort Antonia with its miniature Roman soldiers which most captured the interest of the school children who attended the roadshow throughout the following week. The fort is seen in the background of the picture below. A close-up photo is found by scrolling down to this blog's first entry.

With its day and night-time lighting settings and audio effects, this model lends itself to being used to illustrate the occasions when Jesus went to Jerusalem - healing, teaching and celebrating the pilgrim festivals including Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles. Not to mention being left behind in Solomon's Porch when his family returned to Nazareth without him.

While it is planned to add further buildings such as the nearby Pool of Bethesda, this model is ready to be displayed wherever schools, churches or other groups request it. Please contact us via for further information. Our website is at for details of the roadshow's other features.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Temple Takes Shape

The construction of an extensive model of Herod's Temple in Jerusalem is gradually nearing completion as we look forward to a new exhibition season starting in the autumn of 2016.

Already finished is the model's Sanctuary and inner courtyards, (together measuring 1.2m by 0.8m) featuring two lighting effects (night / day-time) and a lifelike smoking fire on the altar.

Surround sound: From concealed speakers at several positions around the model, visitors will be able to hear individual recordings: silver trumpets, sung and spoken Hebrew and Aramaic, and from the Roman Fort Antonia military commands in Latin.

The outer courtyard (seen below) requires the addition of the central porches which defined the limits of Solomon's Temple, plus the Wall of Partition and entrances to underground walkways. The design of the outer gates needs refinement - modifications then to be 3D-printed.

The model is 12ft wide (nearly 4 metres) so at least a dozen visitors will be able to gather around it while a guide provides a tour. The purpose of each area will be explained, showing where both Old and New Testament events took place. Alongside this live presentation a video will trace the history of the site back to King Solomon and beyond.

It is planned that viewers will be able to see the interiors of buildings depicted on a wide projection screen located above the model.

Work is almost finished on the adjacent Fort Antonia which includes a number of hand-painted figures of Roman soldiers and horses in their stables. The scale throughout the whole model is 1:120 making a watchman on the wall about 15mm high. More figures are to be added soon.

The complete temple model can be displayed either as a stand-alone exhibit or as part of the travelling Emmaus Road Show, a larger event which includes a 3D video filmed on location in Israel, together with multimedia computers providing interactive presentations for further research.

Interested adult church groups and schools (Key Stage 2) around the UK will be able to book the model display or full exhibition. Launch date is 3rd December 2016. Please contact for further information.